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Phoenix Artist, Bettie Lake

My work is all about patterns. My art work goes beyond the popular "zentangling" art form and takes doodling onto another level! I have been doodling all my life. Retired from a career of teaching art to children, I now bring my skills to adults. It is so much fun, relaxing and easy!

This is an art form that is alive and well on the Blog Sphere. My "Zen Doodling with Bettie" blog shares my own patterns with others and allows me to converse with other zentangle lovers. To find out more about the art form check out the official site at

This art is easy to learn and fun. The patterns are simple and are usually drawn on a grid of triangles,squares and dots. The "zen" part comes from the focus it takes to connect your repeating lines cleanly. In the process you relax and forget yourself and the time. Many people struggling with pain disorders are finding this art form a great stress reliever. Best of all,when you finish, the pattern composition is impressive. If you like to doodling and "making art" this is perfect for you. So check out one of my classes.

My zen drawings go beyond zentangling and my zen doodling classes.The drawings are larger and more involved than my zen doodling. On 8x11 inch paper, the drawings are drawn using felt tip markers, pencils and a few metallic markers. I love exploring the realm of positive and negative space and using depth to draw the eye into my abstract world. I love the way my work challenges the viewer to find some personal meaning in the shapes and patterns I create. I must admit that working with patterns is addictive and I have also moved my zendoodling into another favorite medium of mine, gourds. On this site I offer for sale, my zen drawings, note cards and gourd jewelry. Please email me if you are interested in a pieces or would like to know more about my classes here in Phoenix .

On my Gourd Blossom Jewelry web site you will find gourd vessels and gourd shard jewelry.

Thanks for visiting and please email me for inquires.

"Zen Doodling With Bettie"

I can share my repertoire of patterns and help you achieve better composition and depth through a few hours of fun classes. There are no failures here and rules are learned to be broken, so your creativity soars with this inexpensive art form. Whether you are an artist or just like “to do” art, you will learn skills that will transfer to any art medium.

I offer two hour and four hour classes. The two hour class introduces you to the rules of the art form and you learn four or five new patterns. It takes a about four to eight classes to learn enough patterns to feel comfortable with the art form. The four hour class includes a project we create with the patterns learned in the class.

I am also available for demonstration for different art or craft groups.

I can also teach in a event or private "art party" environment with no more than 6 to eight people. Everyone leaves feeling relaxed,rewarded and glad they had this unique and fun experience.

I also give private lessons in my home, here in Phoenix.

As a juried artist at the Arizona Arts Alliance, I have given lessons there and the gallery has displayed my work.

I currently have three zen drawings on display at the Arizona Attorney General Building in downtown Phoenix.




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